CBS’s “The Equalizer” Season 3 Enters Top 5 Of Most Watched Fall Programs

Cbs the Equalizer season 3

CBS’s “The Equalizer” Season 3 is dominating Sunday nights in ratings and the show is just 4 episodes in!!

The Equalizer Season 3 debuted on October 2nd with episode titled “Boom”


In the aftermath of her abduction, the walls between McCall’s family and vigilante life continue to crumble as those closest to her must come together for the first time to save her.

The show has quickly entered the Top 5 most watched program for fall 2022 at #5.

The fall numbers take into account live + seven-day viewing data for episodes that aired between September 19 and October 23. For episodes between October 24 to 27, live + three-day viewing data is used. Live + same day data is taken into account for any episodes from October 28 to 30.

CBS is leading the list.

The Equalizer stars Queen Latifah, Tory Kittles, Adam Goldberg, Liza Lapira, Laya DeLeon Hayes, and Lorraine Toussaint. Recurring cast members include Brett Dalton, Gabriel Sloyer, Chris Vance, and Stephen Bishop.

The story follows Robyn McCall (Latifa), an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background. She uses her extensive skills as a former CIA operative to help those with nowhere else to turn. To most, Robyn appears to be just an average single mom who is quietly raising her daughter (Hayes) and living with her aunt (Toussaint). However, to a trusted few, Robyn is The Equalizer, an anonymous guardian angel and defender of the downtrodden, who’s also dogged in her pursuit of personal redemption. Joining Robyn as champions of justice are her longtime friend and former CIA handler (Noth), an edgy bar owner and past colleague (Lapira), and a paranoid and brilliant white-hat hacker (Goldberg). As Robyn aids the oppressed and exploited, her vigilante work garners the attention of a shrewd NYPD Detective (Kittles). He once sought to uncover her identity, but now respects the need for Robyn’s type of justice, even as he often questions her methods.

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