Kanye West Officially Canceled In His Hometown Chicago

Kanye west Jews

Kanye West has gotten himself into an enormous amount of trouble lately with fans and companies dropping him left to right!

The drops resulted in Kanye losing his billionaire status and his comments are going as far as hurting the children of his school Donda Academy. Teachers from the school are quitting and parents are pulling kids out! The school was also shut down for a brief moment.

Something that we never thought would happen just happened!

Kanye West is even being canceled in his hometown of Chicago!

They’re painting over a well known Kanye West mural in Chicago.

Fans quickly responded:

“His comment was not virulently anti-Semitic. This total destruction reaction is only happening because he committed the sin of being a conservative black man…It’s way out of proportion.” – BethDenBoots

“That person is covering someone’s work who most likely didn’t approve for it to be covered. They trying to delete this man’s legacy proving what he has been saying.” – katitaroyal

“One minute he crying about fashion and as soon as he see we not giving him attention wit all that stuff he starts to talk about race or religion and say offensive random stuff to get attention he’s been playing that game for years it’s time we realize it and stop supporting him” – fruit_punchpapi

“They love Kanye when he’s “White Lives Matter” Kanye or “slavery is a choice” Kanye, but let him talk about an oppressed group of caucasians and whole statues come down, monuments are painted over. Weird that his empire crumbled this quickly, he was clearly having an episode” – Tiffrnbwbrght

“He said slavery was a choice..” – ppaixx2

What are your thought?

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