Bravo’s “Winter House” Season 2 Fans Feels That Luke Deserves Better

Luke winter house season 2

Bravo’s “Winter House” Season 2 is causing plenty of conversations across social media as fans think that Luke Gulbranson deserves an apology from the cast!

Luke recently made a temporary exit from his stay in the Winter House after Craig Conover threatened to throw him out the window for contact Conover perceived as “uncomfortable” toward Paige DeSorbo and Jessica Stocker.

Fans quickly sided with Luke after seeing the full story:

“Jessica is allowed to be uncomfortable, its a feeling no one can take from u… but not acknowledging she told the house a different story than what she is telling luke/allowing him to look like a predator is wild.. I wonder if they’re watching this back like um? #WinterHouse” bravebee96

“As someone who was actually sexually assaulted, fuck Craig and fuck Jess for gaslighting Luke #WinterHouse” – crjones1975

When you get kicked out of the house, painted as a dangerous predator, and then return only to immediately BUILD A FIRE for your undeserving and terrible housemates. They do not deserve Luke #winterhouse” – sophrossss

“Don’t even know if I can continue watching after they tried making Luke out to be a predator. So absolutely disgusting. #WinterHouse” – helloreality21

“There need to be repercussions with Jessica and Craig. She completely lied and literally said she was into him and never once said, sorry my feelings have changed. Don’t play victim to create a false narrative to keep your job for a 2nd season. Bravo needs to manage that quickly.” – JWbass13

“I like @C_Conover but he really disappointed me with his behavior on winter house he’s just pissed because @gulbranson_luke kicked him out of his house for almost setting his boat on fire so he wants to get him back” – kissmeimirishbm

What are you thoughts?

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