Bravo’s “Winter House” Season 2 Fans Annoyed With Craig & Sides With Luke

Luke Craig winter house season 2

Bravo’s “Winter House” Season 2 is sparking tons of conversation and the season just seen it’s premiere a few weeks ago!

Fans are not a big fan of Craig Conover on “Winter House” as they believe that Craig is showing his true colors around Luke Gulbranson on Winter House and they’re not letting him get away with it.

Episode 2 aired October 20th.


“Relationships begin to shatter during a snow squall; Craig takes a firm stance on shared house chores; Ciara, Luke and Jason flirt with the newcomers; after a party at a local bar in town, tensions rise.”

Fans shared:

“Isn’t it crazy… six years of watching Kyle and in just one episode of Craig is all it took to forget we ever thought Kyle was obnoxious #WinterHouse” – dialdownaol

“Craig owes Luke a serious apology for the way he has treated him. It’s honestly unsettling. #WinterHouse” – bravob….”

“Craig is proving Shep’s point- Craig has always had a chip on his shoulder about money and status. “I’m first generation money” What a wannabe douche🤮#WinterHouse” – itwest67

“Craig not grasping that unlit fireworks being in the proximity of 30 something year old men does not mean they MUST be lit by him, is genuinely a whole new level of sophomoric behavior that even Bravo wasn’t ready for. #winterhouse” – bestiesofbravo

“Craig pretending he gives a **** about women😂😂😂 He just hates Luke. He coulda touched a squirrel in the snow and Craig would call the cops #WinterHouse” – Paper___grl

“Craig has been able to play up this “poor me” victim character on Southern Charm, but Winter House is starting to prove that Shep, Whitney, and Austen were right. He has changed and not for better. #WinterHouse” BrvaoF**kery

“Craig is such a bully to Luke. Craig is an a**hole. All of a sudden he has a little bit of money and refuses to clean up after himself. He says he needs a cleaning service. Seriously the most disgusting ugly attribute someone can have. #winterhouse #bravo #bravotv” – EmyBravoFan

“Luke deserves better than to be made to look like some kind of f**king predator because Craig has a vendetta and Jessica is a child who cannot use her words…this is bullshit #WinterHouse” – daniixbella

“Craig simply didnt like that luke is far better looking he is 🙃 the male ego is fragile #winterhouse” – Gayle_cocoa

What are your thoughts?

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