ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8 Star Sierra Felt Played By Michael

Sierra Michael bachelor in paradise season 8

Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 has been heating up with the latest two episodes that caught the attention of many fans as the ratings seen a rise two nights in a row!!

The ratings increase could be because of the Love Island style Casa Amor event Bachelor In Paradise adopted this season but we also think the drama is also bringing the fans in.

One of the latest most talked about stories on the show is the situationship between Sierra and Michael.

Michael ended up playing Sierra which resulted fans to quickly diss him all over social media.

Check out some of the reactions:

“So Michael had a problem with Sierra coming on too strong, yet he bear hugs Danielle and immediately pushes her to the bar when he’s “NEVER” met her? #BIP #BachelorInParadise “ – enrigenesis

“Like am I supposed to care about Michael’s convenient little connection with Danielle after he played Sierra?!?!? Great that production loves him because I sure don’t” – mr_fezco

“so ur telling me danielle just HAPPENED to be cast and that michael just HAPPENED to be interested in her and they just HAPPENED to bring her on the night of a rose ceremony after michael basically invited sierra to leave bc he wasn’t ready for a relationship” – altitudinarians

“They did Sierra dirty smh. Michael if you didn’t want Sierra you should’ve just said that instead of wasting her time.” – iCherish_Beauty

“Can’t stop thinking about how if Sierra would’ve stayed for the rest of the week she’d be able to get away from Michael & meet 5 new gorgeous men who might actually appreciate her” – itslalamfz

Here’s Sierra’s response while watching the episodes:

Justine for Sierra! I say put her on the next season of Bachelorette!

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