ABC’s “Station 19” Andy To Help Jack Save His Career

Jack station 19

Station 19 is back for Season 6 and the plots for the recent episodes are so amazing and really connects with where we left off!!

One of the biggest stories of the season is surrounding Jack and him possibly making a come back.

Andy is seen wanting to help Jack in a new teaser.

Watch below:

Producer Krista recently spoke with Deadline about the direction Jack is possibly heading in.

Those passionate viewers were worried Jack wasn’t coming back but he did and in a big way. It feels like he’s back to rock bottom. What are your plans for him?

KV: One of our favorite things to do always at Shondaland is to look at what happens to people when they go to their darkest versions of themselves— when they, as you say, hit rock bottom. When people were speculating if he was going to come back, I was like, ‘Oh god, that’s like our favorite story.’ But we are not racing to his return to the station, because he’s in a profound amount of pain and he’s comforting himself through that pain in a really disruptive way. And helping him return to someone capable of functioning in a work environment is going to take some time.

By the end of the episode, we see Andy has decided whether Jack wants her help or not, she’s going to give it to him. What can we expect from Andy, who is also trying to focus on climbing the ranks at work?

KV: It’s interesting, Andy was really someone who needed some help in the last couple of years. Yes, she is a person who tries to help others but really, she’s been someone who was struggling. She went through so many deaths and losses in the last couple of years, and then the assault story from last season. One of the things that we talked about for Andy was that on the other side of all of that, we felt like she’s healed a lot. She’s recovered a lot in these six months and she’s become someone who is a real leader in the house. And yes, some of that is trying to help get Jack back home and trying to be a part of the solution, rather than being a part of the drama. She’s showing herself as a potential leader in that way and we’re loving Jaina’s return to a lighter state of being this season.

The next episode airs on October 20th! You don’t want to miss it.

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