ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Star Andrew Should’ve Been The Next Bachelor

Andrew spencer the bachelor

Fans of The Bachelor franchise is now sharing their thoughts who they think should’ve filled role of the next Bachelor!!

Many are saying that it should’ve been Bachelorette Season 17 Star Andrew Spencer who is now starring on ABC’s Bachelor In Paradise Season 8.

Fans quickly shared their opinions:

“I said this after his season on the bachelorette! He was by far the best guy on that season! And he’s got way more personality than the new bachelor that’s for sure.”

“ I honestly hate @BachelorABC their decisions are just ridiculous. Don’t they get bored of producing the same fing 💩 yr aft yr? Literally no new stories. Same cookie cutter ppl get all the 📷 time. Over it”

In an interview with People, he spoke about his experience finding love on Bachelor in Paradise. He said:

“I don’t think I expected any of what happened. But also if someone else gets a heartbreak, you’re heartbroken too because you want to see that work so badly.

It’s just, it’s just so different from The Bachelor [and] Bachelorette.”

Do you think Andrew should get a chance to Star on The Bachelor?

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