CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Indy Talks With Paloma About Taylor; Paloma Says That CBS Played A Part

Taylor paloma Indy big brother 24

The “Big Brother” Season 24 cast is finally outside of the house and a lot of the house guest are watching the show back to see what exactly went wrong in the house!

Majority of the house is finally starting to realize that they treated Taylor horribly since Day 1 and it’s about time they realize this because of this was one hard summer for Taylor and a hard one for her family and friends back home who had to continuously watch the abuse.

Big Brother Star Indy is finally taking accountability for the role she played in the bullying and talked with Paloma on Instagram live about how she should take accountability as well.

Paloma also dropped a bomb stating that CBS allegedly kept the drama going in the house.

Watch below:

Paloma needs to take 100% accountability although we also 100% believe that CBS messes with the game a lot in many ways for the sake of keeping ratings up.

One thing about Hollywood, it’s a messy and unfair business.

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