ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8 Star Teddi Quit The Show & Here’s Why

Teddi bachelor in paradise

During the most recent episode of “Bachelor In Paradise” Season 8, three people were sent home and one decided to leave the show without even telling anyone goodbye!!

Teddi Wright left the building.

Teddi relationship with Andrew was kind of rocky as she stated that he deserved more. Andrew told Teddi she was the right one for him but he didn’t want to force it.

“This is your choice,” he said, and added that they weren’t meant to be.

In confessional, Andrew admitted, “I’ve just been dumped. It hurts. We did have something but it wasn’t strong enough.”

Later Teddi decided to leave the show telling the producers “I want to go home.” She didn’t say goodbye to anyone which left everyone shocked about how it all went down.

Apparently there was cruel activity going on in the house.

She shared on Instagram:

“two things I’m “proud” of myself for learning 1. Leaving environments that are cruel to me & the people around me. 2. Sticking to my boundaries no matter how many times people in authority try to cross them,” the California native captioned her social media message. “Excited for this next chapter and what the rest of the year will bring.””

One fan shared:

“Teddi Wright standing up to the producers might be one of most courageous moves in Bachelor history. So proud of her. She’s absolutely tremendous and I’m just in awe of her. Also, congrats on her new job as an Oncology Nurse. She’s awesome.”

She had every right to leave the way she did if this is what was going down.

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