CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Turner Getting Called Out For Stealing Tweets

Cbs big brother 24 Turner

CBS’s “Big Brother” Star Turner was already called out after the season ended for stealing slang and now he’s being caught in the act for stealing tweets!

In a recent tweet making fun of co-Star Pooch, Turner shared:

“How tf this kid end up staying at Todricks longer than he stayed at the Big Brother House? 💀”

A fan quickly called him out:

One fan shared:

“The way Turner steals tweets you’d think hes a meme page admin.”

Another fan shared:

“He Steals black culture so I wouldn’t be expect any less. Man has no commitment to crediting anyone. No wonder @MrBeast fired him”

Ouch! The fans haven’t been letting Turner catch a break since he left the house. Do you think he deserves a break or no?

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