ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” Star Lace & Rebecca Upset With Hailey

Bachelor in paradise season 8

Bachelor In Paradise just debuted it’s 8th season on ABC and fans are excited to have the series back after not being big fans of the recent season of The Bachelorette!

Some drama was brought up concerning Hailey’s comments about Lace and the comments totally rubbed Rebecca the wrong way.

During Bachelor Happy Hour Podcast, Rebecca Kufrin shared that a comment made by one of Lace’s fellow cast members Hailey upset Rebecca while watching.

Rebecca said, “Hailey made a comment about how it’s been six years, why is Lace back? And it really rubbed me the wrong way. First of all, you and I are the same age, I’m also 32. The comment just really rubbed me the wrong way.”

Rebecca continued, “In my mind, everyone is already putting their lives on hold to come back on the show. They are putting everything on the line to potentially find a partner. It’s a lot to handle. Everyone is there because it hasn’t worked out in the past, so why not try again? When she said that, I got the ick.”

Lace gave her opinions on the comment happy that it was brought up:

Lace shared “I’m actually glad you brought this up because I was already struggling with the fact that I was coming back six years later. I was worried about being the oldest one. You know how the world is right now. If you’re 32 and single, it’s a problem. It’s hard to date as it is.”

“Coming back at 32 was already scary enough, so the comment wasn’t necessary. If she said it to my face, I would’ve said something. Like, why couldn’t I come back and be there? Why don’t I get another chance at love just like you guys? I haven’t found it yet, so I think it’s okay that I came back. I thought it was a BS comment too. I deserve love just as much as anyone else. Who cares if I was on the show six years ago?”

We truly believe that Hailey’s comment was unnecessary. What are your thoughts?

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