CBS’s “The Challenge USA” Winner Sarah Explains Why She Didn’t Quit The Final

The challenge usa Sarah

There’s tons of drama going around surrounding the cast of The Challenge USA because majority of the finalist quit during the final!

Sarah who actually thought she was losing the show still ended up finishing the final and not because of the money but because of her family. Sarah didn’t make it to the top of the mountain until an hour after Danny made it.

Sarah shared in an interview with EW:

“Money is great, but disappointing my family — my son would have never understood why I didn’t continue. And I didn’t want to have to ever explain that to him. I’m not going to set that example. And, quite honestly, walking away with that lesson and going through that is way more valuable than the money. I come off very arrogant and cocky the whole season, right? But that’s how I really feel about myself because I have been in those positions before and I overcome them. I don’t ever quit. I may not come in first, but I know I can do it. That’s where I get my drive. I have learned to become successful through that. If you don’t like it, sorry, but it works for me. Like if Tyson thought, “I can’t beat Danny,” Danny could have turned the corner and broke his ankle. You don’t know what can happen until it’s over. I got to the top, I still thought I was last! And I wasn’t. Even when you think it’s over, it’s not. Never quit. You can never win if you quit.”

Smart way to go about it.

Read the full Danny and Sarah interview here:

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