Peacock’s “Bel-Air” Creators Want Marlon Wayans Back For Season 2

Bel air season 2

Bel-Air debuted to rave reviews and fans and the cast and crew are excited for Season 2 to debut in 2023!

One guest star from the series that surprised fans was Marlon Wayans, the role was even submitted for this years Emmy’s even though the cast didn’t get any nominations this year which was surprising.

Marlon Wayans showed up to portray Lou, the long lost father of Will (Jabari Banks).

Before his unexpected homecoming, Will was led to believe by his mom Vy (April Parker Jones) and Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) that Lou abandoned his family; in reality, Lou was serving time in prison and never wanted his son to see him behind bars.

In an interview Bel-Air creators did with Deadline, they asked:

Is Wayans coming back for season 2?

BRADY: I don’t know if he will be a regular but we hope to see him again.

NEWSON: The way it ended, Will and Lou are miles apart. They really do go at it. But in the life of Will, his father has to come back, but he’s not going to be living in L.A. and someone you see on a regular basis.

We hope he returns for Season 2!

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