CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Indy Lied On Michael And Now Production Hates Her

Indy Michael big brother 24

Big Brother Season 24 is one of the most drama focused seasons of the series and every cast member is featured in some sort of drama this season!

Big Brother Star Indy was evicted from the game but made it to the Jury House.

While in the Jury House, Indy is allegedly causing more drama while in there. It was announced by a Big Brother super fan that Indy lied on Michael and the lie was one that could hurt him outside of the house.

SpoilerGirl shared:

“The juror in hot water is INDY. She made up a lie that Michael said something derogatory about Brazilians. She pissed production off so much that they decided to review all of the live feed footage and they found nothing. She did it to make Michael look RACIST.

Indy was lying about the Brazilian comments before Michael arrived to jury. They are pissed at Indy and thye dislike her.

Indy was called out by production for lying and now she has been upset in jury.”

Wow if this is true, that’s disgusting.

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