Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Winners Are Moving At Their Pace Not The Fans Pace

Love island usa season 4 zeta Timmy

Love Island USA Season 4 winners Zeta and Timmy were our favorite couple during the recent season of Love Island USA!

We love how real the two are with taking their relationship slow and not forcing anything and faking it!

The recent Love Island USA Season was way shorter than the past seasons meaning a lot of couples inside of the villa didn’t even know each other that long to make such a huge commitment.

The season went through replacements over and over and episode by episode that made forming real connections kind of hard. Zeta and Timmy stuck with each other since day 1 but also encountered a hiccup.

The two are now moving at their own pace and we respect that and feel everyone else should as well.

Zeta shared:

It’s sad that she even had to say that because fans shouldn’t be so entitled to their relationship. The show is over meaning their time is done with giving the public so much access to them.

We’re just hoping for the best and if it doesn’t work out, that’s also okay and we could support both of them separately.

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