CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Fans Thinks Brittany & Kyle Are Similar

Big brother Brittany Kyle

Big Brother 24 cast and crew is known for being in the headlines for being disgustingly racist!

The show has been reported on TMZ, Page Six and more since the premiere and it’s well deserved because with the things that goes down on this show, we’re surprised that it’s still on the air.

After Kyle being evicted for his racist actions, fans think there’s still racism floating around the house and the names being brought up are Brittany, Michael and Turner.

Although all three are being questioned for different situations, fans think Brittany situation is similar to Kyle’s.

View below:

This is interesting because we had a huge problem with Brittany and Michael using the news that Kyle was being racist for game play.

They waited too long to share the news just like Big Brother production waited too long to air it.

Just a disgusting show overall.

Do you think Brittany is acting similar to Kyle but also trying her best to not be portrayed in that light?

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