Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 35 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 35

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

Episode starts with the episode preview and Nadjha and Jeff coming back from the hideaway.

We’ve always had a side eye with Jeff since Casa Amor and how much he tried to get Isaiah to turn his head and pick Phoebe so the preview of him and Timmy arguing was something.

It’s family day!

The Deb & Jesse family call was wholesome, you can tell the family really likes those two together.

Jesse family call so wholesome as well, they’re definitely his #1 fans.

Zeta’s mom is hilarious and we loved the conversation she had with her.

Timmy sister calls in and she’s all for Zeta, she stated that she wanted Zeta for Timmy since the first episode and that their parents approve of her.

We think Zeta and Timmy would do so well together on the outside.

Bathroom break for Chad & Phoebe segment.

Sydney’s mom is all for Isaiah but Sydney’s dad is giving him the side eye.

Isaiah family is arms open for Sydney!

Why did Jeff start clapping when speaking to his dad? Was it referring to Nadjha and him possibly having s*x? Kind of weird.

Nadjha really likes Jeff. At first it was hard to tell but this talk with her mom confirmed it.

One couple will leave before the finale and it’s up to the islanders.

We’re not a fan of Jeff tbh.

Phoebe and Chad going home would be the right decision so we don’t know why Jeff is so upset when it was brought up that the islanders would say their name.

Jeff and Nadjha is mad that Timmy and Zeta picked to send home Phoebe and Chad. Jeff is annoying.

Jeff how about you go home? The viewers want Chad and Phoebe gone.

Who does Jeff think he is to get this much of an attitude because Chad and Phoebe are going home? We’re making sure of it that he doesn’t win this show.

Jeff clearly has an obsession with Phoebe. He did a lot in Casa Amor to get Phoebe back to the villa with Isaiah.

Jeff is embarrassing. He’s clearly there for TV.

Jeff just said “F*ck Nadjha”, please get him out of the villa. His true colors arrived.

Nadjha needs to leave Jeff, he’s bad news.

We’re glad Nadjha shut it down between her and Jeff.

Can’t believe we thought Nadjha was the problem when it was actually Jeff who was the problem.

Time for the final episodes.

Episode Grade: B, This was a good episode and it was longer!

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