Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 33 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 33 review

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts with Sydney and Isaiah making it official and Sydney saying that he’s everything that she ever wanted, that’s interesting.

Zeta and Timmy are exclusive but we assumed that they were boyfriend and girlfriend until Zeta just confirmed that they’re not that exclusive until they get on the outside and we actually understand this decision.

Makes their relationship look even more genuine. They’re not forcing anything inside of the villa.

Mackenzie birthday celebration was so nice and we love that she was able to celebrate it inside of the villa.

Nadjha wants Jeff to ask her to be his girlfriend.

Deb is starting to feel like she’s not meant from Jesse.

We love Mackenzie this time around and the woman she’s becoming.

The wedding cake challenge. What is up with Love Island and food challenges?

Nadjha keeps telling Jeff that he needs to make her his girlfriend. It’s going to be less special when he actually does it now.

This episode is boring, we think they should just stop the season here.

Time to see who’s going home.

Chad & Mackenzie and Joel and Phoebe are the two couples in the bottom.

Production setting it up so Chad and Phoebe could stay in the villa and that’s funny.

We enjoyed Mackenzie return. There wasn’t much drama but we see the maturity within her and she’s amazing.

Episode Grade: D, The season didn’t start off well and it’s not ending too good.

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