Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 32 Review

Peacock love island usa season 4 episode 32 review

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode begins with Isaiah and Sydney talking about the comparison incident.

We’re over Sydney crying every 10 minutes. She’s going to look back at this show and be so embarrassed that she gave Isaiah that many tears.

Their storyline is washed and done with and production needs to stir something else up in that villa if they want this show to get more entertaining.

Zeta and Timmy wants Isaiah and Sydney to figure things out.

We weren’t so sure about Deb and Jesse at first but with the way this season is set up, they’re not that bad of a couple.

Phoebe is the new Kat and Chad is the new Chazz, everyone wants them out of the house asap.

Phoebe said Chad is like her bro but there’s sexual tension there as well. We don’t like the way she said that.

Happy 21st MacKenzie, again!

The recent episodes is full of the Isaiah and Sydney saga and it’s annoying.

Not so set on Jeff & Nadjha yet. It looks one sided and the other side is trying to force it.

Stop giving Isaiah and Sydney screen time please!

The challenges this season are so boring.

Jesse said he wish he could s*** his own ****. He’s enjoying this peacock challenge.

Isaiah wants to make Sydney his girlfriend. We all know Sydney will say yes when she should tell him not at this exact moment because he has a lot of making up to do.

Zeta is the mother of the villa.

Timmy and Zimmy are both parents of the villa. We’re glad they got their messy part of the relationship out early.

Sydney stand up.

If Sydney and Isaiah win this season, we’ll riot. We still remember Sydney asking Isaiah do he think that they’re stronger than Timmy and Zeta and it was unprovoked.

Sydney and Isaiah are now a couple, predictable.

Episode Grade: D, Too much Isaiah and Sydney.

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