Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 31 Review

Peacock love island usa season 4 episode 31

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts with Phoebe sneaking to kiss Chad and then telling MacKenzie. Why do she do things like that when she could speak to MacKenzie first about her real feelings towards Chad instead of having sneak around and do it?

Deb and Jesse gets sent to the hideaway.

The episode is boring so far like every other episode. We’re just waiting for the episode to get to the tweet challenge.

Chad wanted to sleep in the bed with Phoebe but Phoebe says she’s going to make Chad work harder. We could see MacKenzie and Joel becoming a thing since Joel is finally starting to realize that he made the wrong decision.

This episode isn’t giving us much Zeta and Timmy. This is why the episodes are becoming boring.

Phoebe doesn’t want to hear MacKenzie advice.

Deb and Jesse described their night in the hideaway as prom night.

Not a fan of Chad & Phoebe.

The Phoebe and MacKenzie argument is annoying mainly because Phoebe is annoying. Isaiah why would you bring this girl back to the villa?

Time for the Twitter challenge. If no tweets about Phoebe & Chad is shared then they’re being saved by the trash production team this season.

The challenge was boring. There was no really good tweets, only one and it had to do with someone’s appearance and no actions. Do better Peacock.

Sydney has been played by Isaiah the whole season, it’s time for her to really understand her worth.

Phoebe is finally sharing that Jeff was a huge cheerleader for her in Casa. This is what I dislike about Jeff. Jeff feels really guilty, in our previous reviews, we did call Jeff out for this.

Sydney is very annoying because she does all of this crying but still sticks around. Leave him!

Mackenzie is actually showing a lot of maturity in the villa this time around.

Seriously don’t know how people are saying this season is good, it’s far from good.

Episode Grade: D, The season continues to underperform.

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