Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 27 Review

Love island usa season 4

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts with Chanse, Chazz, Bella, Kat & Jared leaving the villa.

Kat says Jared is her first boyfriend ever.

Courtney is having second thoughts about her coupling with Chad which is understandable because Chad and Phoebe has something going on.

If Phoebe wasn’t attached to Isaiah, she would’ve been dumped.

This episode is showing more of Chad & Courtney. Chad isn’t into Courtney and he should just leave her alone and go get heart broken by Phoebe because Phoebe has zero problem with switching to the next with the quickness.

He will end up getting played by her.

Courtney starts crying because she doesn’t think Chad is for her. He seems to not care at her being upset. We don’t think they’re compatible at all.

Mackenzie from Season 2 of Love Island USA is back.

We hope she brings the drama!

Mackenzie wants Chad and Chad wants MacKenzie. Joel wants MacKenzie too. Chad wants Phoebe and Chad wants Courtney. Chad wants everyone. He probably want Timmy too.

Mackenzie tells Jeff she thinks his eyes are kind.

The girls were sent on a girls day and their whole world is about to blow up when they find out that MacKenzie is in the villa.

The guys seem intimidated by MacKenzie. Joel seems so shy around her.

The girls saying “this is MacKenzie from last season”, wrong season ladies.

You can tell Mackenzie wants the drama because instead of sticking with getting to know Joel as a first pick, she’s interested in entering Phoebe, Courtney and Chad triangle.

Courtney really wants Chad to be 100% with her which is understandable. Chad head is turning every which way.

Episode Grade: C, MacKenzie entering made the episode kind of better.

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