First Look: HBO’s “The Gilded Age” Season 2 Nicole Brydon Bloom As Caroline

Nicole brydon bloom the gilded age season 2

The Gilded Age Season 2 is now filming in Albany and fans are catching the cast members on set and we thank them for that!

Nicole Brydon Bloom will be joining the cast of season two of HBO’s “The Gilded Age.” Bloom’s character, Caroline Stuyvesant, is described as “a beguiling socialite who is the perfect heiress for marriage” and full of “wit and disposition”.

See the photos of her on set pictured with character Oscar;

Bloom initially auditioned for season one of “The Gilded Age” but didn’t get the role.

“I loved Downton Abbey and Julian Fellowes’ work. I was still in college when I heard the rumors that he was making a new show like the ‘New York version of Downton Abbey.’ I emailed my agent, and I was like I have to be in this. I told my agent, ‘If this comes up, I would love the opportunity to read for them,’” she shared.

She later shared: “All good things take time. It wasn’t meant to be, and I do believe that because I met my now fiancé a month later. If I had been filming or had gotten the opportunity, who knows where I would’ve been?” She continued, “It didn’t go my way initially, but I was really happy when they circled back for season two.”

Congratulations! We can’t wait to see more from her.

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