Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 25 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 25 review

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

Phoebe and Sydney sat down with each other and Phoebe explained everything to Sydney.

Now Phoebe is claiming she’s a girls girl because Isaiah isn’t giving her the attention that she thought he was going to give her.

Chanse is beautiful and deserves way better than boring Jared.

Very tired of the Isaiah, Sydney and Phoebe saga.

It sucks that we don’t care for majority of the islanders in the house this season, we wouldn’t mind if any of them went home with the exception of two.

Nick decided to leave the villa, bye.

Anyways, we’re getting a Zeta and Timmy date! They’re carrying this season on their back.

We wanted Jared out of the villa since day 1, so boring. Only thing that’s keeping him there is his looks. Chanse deserves better.

Kat seems like the type that would talk to a married man with kids.

Timmy is finally letting Zeta know that he could see them together outside of the villa. Timmy and Zeta made things official.

Chazz is so annoying. Phoebe is annoying too. Now she likes Chazz? And she’s not afraid to try it even though she’s close with Bella? This season is horrible.

Zeta and Timmy will forever be our winners. Zimmy forever!

Another recoupling…and it looks weird. Peacock handles the show in such a messy way. You can’t even take the season serious.

New boy Joel enters the villa.

Episode Grade: C, We’re giving the episode a C because Timmy and Zeta made it official. Everything else was terrible.

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