MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Mark Long Wants “The Challenge: USA” To Continue

The challenge usa mark long

MTV’s “The Challenge” Legend Mark Long is giving his honest opinion and thoughts about the newest CBS spin-off “The Challenge: USA” and it seems like he’s 100% here for it!!

Mark shared with The List:

“I’m an OG, right? It’s like asking someone which is better, the original “90210” or the remake in the 2000s. I always go for the original, but I will say this, the product looks great. I know a lot of the cast members, they come to my charity every year, but the cast members are really great, from Xavier to Kyland to Tiffany to Tyson. I love that it’s expanded.

When I look at it again, “All Stars” was the fan favorite from the MTV product of “Real World,” “Road Rules,” and “Fresh Meat.” The CBS version is the same format, but they go from “Survivor,” to “Big Brother,” to “Amazing Race,” to “Love Island,” which, to me,  is a happy nod to “All Stars.” I don’t want to [take] full credit, but I feel like I started something, and it’s really catching on, you know what I mean?

I hope it’s successful, and I hope it goes on for many seasons because I’m a big company man, I’m a big team player, and any type of success with “The Challenge” is a success for me, unlike some of the real gritty fans that hate the “Big Brother” people on these shows, and “Survivors.” I’m the opposite, because I get to meet a lot of [them] every year. I love seeing new faces. 

Do I wish there was more OGs and veterans of MTV on those shows? Of course, but I’m a fan of the product. T.J. and I have a great relationship, so if anything else, I’m supporting whatever T.J.’s doing. I’m a huge fan of that guy. He is so awesome, and I love that guy.”

You heard that, Mark Long thinks the show should receive a Season 2 and so do we! Renewing The Challenge: USA for a Season 2 would be one of the smartest decisions ever.

Read his full interview here:

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