CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Daniel Seems Like He’s Making Nothing But Excuses

Cbs big brother 24 Daniel

Big Brother 24 Star Daniel is finally out of the house and it seems like he’s not as remorseful as he should be after what went down in the house!

In the interviews, he states that he wants to watch a lot of things back before he apologize and the fact that he cannot see what he did in that house was wrong without watching things back just shows what type of person he is!

Daniel sat down with Parade and one of the questions that were asked:

Now that move ends up leading to some very personal comments you made against Taylor, even up to the days leading to your eviction. You’ve been saying things like she was stalking you, she’s not a good person, she doesn’t deserve to “live normal.” Just a few days ago, I saw you and Terrance mock that she could have only won Miss Michigan if Michigan “was a restaurant.” In retrospect, how do you look back on the way you consistently treated her in the game with these comments?

He responded:

“So something like “live normal,” I can tell you right now that, not that it’s justified, but I’m speaking of the Big Brother world. Not the outside world; that’s not who I am. But things like that do matter to me. I look forward to watching back feeds and watching back the show as soon as possible, just to be aware of how it’s portrayed or how it was received, how I was acting. And I look forward to correcting my wrongs, obviously with Taylor and anyone I may have offended in the house. Because that’s most important. But of course in the outside world, people were offended. I will absolutely approach that as well. I just want to make sure I watch it back and I’m aware of what I’m apologizing for, instead of just saying it out loud.”

Get ready for the excuses!

Read more of this interview here:

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