Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 22 Review

Peacock love island usa season 4 episode 22

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts off with Isaiah falling for Phoebe.

Then the camera moves over to Chazz being childish like always, get him out of the villa.

Nick is horrible at flirting with Nadjha, he’s clearly lying about certain things to make conversation. He said his parents were going to name him Michelle if he was a girl because Nadjha said her middle name was Michelle. Let’s be serious here.

Jeff is missing Nadjha but Nadjha is over at the other villa kissing other guys.

Jeff gives horrible advice.

We’re bored again.

Courtney is bringing Chad back to the villa. We like those two together.

Chazz needs to go home.

The Casa girls continue to speak about Sydney.

Zeta & Timmy sticking with each other and not having their heads turned just solidifies these two as our winners.

Now Courtney is talking to Sam, what is going on this season?

This season is one big mess that we all will try to forget when it’s over.

Everyone is in the villa trying to be therapist this season.

This whole episode could’ve been 10 minutes just for the recoupling the whole Casa Amor event this year was like watching paint dry.

Time for the recoupling.

Courtney chooses to couple up with Chad. Sam looks like he’s about to cry.

Kat wants to try things with Jared so she’s hoping that he doesn’t bring anyone back.

Chazz picks Bella over Gabby, he’s playing games in the villa.

Jared brings Chanse back.

Nadjha decides to couple up with Nick which leaves Jeff single and Nadjha starts crying and honestly Jeff looked like he wanted to cry as well.

Zeta and Timmy both remained loyal. These are our winners. Timmy tried to joke and act like he was bringing someone back lol.

Deb chooses to couple up with Kyle. Kyle is currently trending on Twitter for horrible behavior.

This leaves Jesse single.

Jeff making these faces at Deb & Jesse situation. He is in everybody’s business and that’s why he’s single now.

Isaiah actually brings Phoebe back which leaves Sydney single. We blame Isaiah 100% for playing with Sydney’s feelings because he told her he think they’re stronger than Timmy and Zeta.

Jeff really disappointed me this episode. He’s trying to be there for Sydney when she’s the one who encouraged Isaiah to make that decision. Then he’s really upset at Nadjha when what they had wasn’t strong at all. It’s embarrassing to watch.

Episode Grade: D, A very boring Casa Amor.

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