Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 21 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 21

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts off with Courtney and Zeta talking so that’s a great way to start the episode.

Courtney is turned off by Jordan wearing sandals with no socks. Off topic but Jordan has a very large following on Instagram.

Nadjha and Nick are hitting it off. He’s trying to get inside of the main villa.

This isn’t Casa Amor, this is two new seasons in one filled with singles.

Courtney is feeling Chad but Courtney feels like Kat is into Chad. Courtney and Chad makes a deal to sleep together and Chad tells Kat but Kat still ends up kissing Chad.

This confirms that Courtney and Sydney were correct when they said Kat is sneaky.

Chazz should not be in that villa. We’ll stand by that.

Jeff is trying his hardest to make Isaiah head turn for Phoebe.

Kat is not a girls girl. She’s making weird faces when Courtney speaks about her attraction to Chad and Kat did not share that she kissed Chad.

This is the most boring Casa Amor we’ve ever watched. This suppose to be an amazing and exciting time for fans with tons of exciting moments but it’s boring.

Kat sits Chad down and lets him know that’s she’s not really into him in a relationship way but Chad recently shared that he’s more into Courtney than Kat. Either way we could see Chad coming back to the main villa.

Isaiah seems to really want Sydney but he doesn’t seem strong minded enough to make his own decision. He’s forcing it because of what’s being said in his ear.

Jared tells Isaiah the gut is never wrong and earlier Isaiah said his gut is telling him to stick with Sydney so it’s possible that he will stick.

Deb is falling for a new boy while Jesse is missing her. Timmy has 0 idea of what’s going on with Deb.

Sydney wants to ask Isaiah to be her boyfriend but we think she should hold off on that.

Isaiah is not thinking with his gut anymore.

Episode Grade: D, We’re still bored.

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