CBS’s “Big Brother” Season 24 Forcing A Showmance?

Cbs big brother 24 showmance

When you watch the show Big Brother, you’re watching for the game play and not the romance but as the seasons goes on, a Showmance wouldn’t hurt the entertainment!

During the current 24th season of “Big Brother”, there’s word in the air that production is big on having a showmance this season.

When Season 24 was casting, there was rumors going around that they would only cast single houseguest but as season 24 is here and there’s many houseguest who are married in the house, that had to be a lie or the houseguest lied on their application.

The two showmances we’ve gotten this season is Alyssa and Kyle and you can even say Joseph and Pooch based on the TV Edit.

Spoiler Girl shared information on showmances on the series.

She shared:

“I keep getting asked if production pushes showmances. The answer is “Pushing” is not the right word. They merely ask questions if they notice a flirtmance in the house. The DR does not encourage any game interference.”

We could possibly see more Taylor and Joseph showmance soon.

Spoiler Girl tweeted:

“Since people keep asking yes Joseph and Taylor like each other. DR segments coming soon.

Kyle and Alyssa also speak positively about each other in the diary room.”

What do you think? We think production definitely forces showmances.

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