ABC’s “Station 19” Season 6 Script Might Get Scrapped

Abc station 19 season 6

Station 19 is back with production on Station 19‘s upcoming sixth season starting July 28th and there’s already drama inside of the writers room!

A particular script that has racist language in it caused major controversy at Station 19.

The script had to do with a writer’s recent draft of an outline for an upcoming Season 6 episode that included numerous uses of a racial slurs by a racist character. The script was assigned to a white writer, and the word used was b—-r, a derogatory reference to a person from Latino descent.

Now the series is considering throwing the whole script out as a whole. We don’t know exactly what the episode was about but we do know that writing scripts takes a nice amount of time so if the script is thrown out, this is a huge set back for the cast and crew.

Usually scripts are written in order and the episode not being filmed would put things out of order and make things harder.

There’s no word of the premiere will be pushed back just yet but it wouldn’t surprise us at all.

Station 19 Season 6 is slated to premiere October 6.

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