Starz “P-Valley” Star Brandee Says The Pandemic Hurt Her Life Outside Of The Series

P valley Mercedes

One of the main stars of “P-Valley” star Brandee Evans just revealed that her real life outside of the series was hurt by the pandemic just like it’s shown in the show with “The Pynk”!!

At the start of P-Valley’s new season, Mercedes’ career has taken a hit as she’s forced to tutor her group of young dancers over Zoom calls and she’s a professional dancer in real life and teaches students so this storyline was real life for her and she was just re-enacting what already happened.

Brandee shared:

“As a coach, I watched coaches from dance studios do all these Zooms. I myself have a dance team in Japan, so I literally was coaching them on Zoom.”

She spoke about how she found it very difficult and related to the Season 2 storyline so much because of it.

She continued:

“You’re literally on this Zoom, talking to the girls. Trying to keep them active, trying to keep them engaged.”

“And also, how do you keep making money? All of us had to get creative with our technology in some sense. How do we continue to provide for ourselves and our families when we’re stuck in the home? A bedroom becomes your gym, and you have to keep going because the bills are still going.”

This is so true and we’re glad she’s able to tell her story through her work!

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