Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 16 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 16

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode begins with Sereniti dumped from the island. She shares with the girls that Chazz is calculated. His speech sounded as if it was for Sereniti and she said that’s the type of guy he is. It’s up there.

She made sure she left with a bang and let the new girl know that Chazz is not the guy he thought he was. He’s still very young and don’t know what’s going on. He reminds me of his sister.

Zeta and Timmy gets the hideaway.

Timmy feels like he’s the right one for Zeta now as he has gotten to know her better. He wanted her all long but he was just scared of committing.

Chazz is clearly having second thoughts. He doesn’t look confident in his choice when he talks about how confident in his choice he is.

Zeta does move pretty quick with conversations about kids and marriage, we can’t even blame Timmy for getting scared anymore.

We have this theory that the villa is really boring because too many islanders are coming in and out without making any real connections. Zeta and Timmy are the only ones to really have a story worth watching this season so far.

Nadjha isn’t over Isaiah so she’s willing to hurt Jeff feelings and hurt Sydney’s feelings.

Jared is very boring and telling Nadjha to disrespect Sydney makes me want him out of the villa even more.

Jared, Nadjha, Mady, Kat and Chazz all can go. They’re holding up spots in the villa.

Timmy and Zeta are the mom and dad of the villa. They’re basically already our winners if nothing else comes in between them.

Jeff sees that Nadjha wants Isaiah and she’s playing surely leading him on.

Nadjha seems like she doesn’t like Black guys, she likes White men who cosplay as Black men.

Kat wants to keep her options open but Chazz solely wants Kat. Kat is turned off by Chazz response. Chazz will get his karma for Sereniti.

Production doesn’t put enough people who like other people than Caucasians and blondes in the villa do they?

Zeta and Courtney kiss was everything we wanted this season.

Why is Nadjha crying over Isaiah? You barely know him. We love how Zeta is the mother of the villa giving everyone advice.

Jeff is done with Nadjha and that’s for the best.

Casa Amor is here already? What even is this season!!

Episode Grade: D, The villa is declining but it’s not like the show was off to a strong start anyway.

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