Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 15 Review

Love island usa season 4

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode resumes with the two new girls and one new guy finishing off their dates.

Chazz looks like a kid in the candy store on this date with Kat.

These dates are kind of boring. The only date we actually liked was Nadjha & Jeff.

We could see Chazz, Isaiah or Jeff coupling up with one of the new girls though. Jeff is most likely, Chazz is next up and Isaiah is a wild card.

The dumpings every episode this season is making the season bad.

Sydney is scared that Isaiah will leave her for Nadjha but we think Jeff & Nadjha would be a better duo.

Chazz feels like he and Kat are the perfect match but wants to work on his relationship with Sereniti. Chazz stole Jeff’s lingo fast.

Sereniti is not happy with Chazz. We don’t think they’re a good fit and mainly because of the age difference. Chazz also wakes up to make breakfast for Kat, the ultimate disrespect.

Mady & Jared coupling up would make sense. An easy boring couple to vote off the show.

Isaiah wants Nadjha but this is not the ship we want to see happen. We want Nadjha and Jeff.

Where is Zeta? We haven’t seen her all episode.

The new girls get a text about the recoupling and one girl will be heading home.

The show is trying to push a Isaiah, Sydney and Nadjha love triangle when they should push Nadjha and Jeff.

Recoupling Time:

Timmy speech to Zeta was amazing. We want them to win again.

Jared and Mady forms a new couple. Our next couple to vote off.

Isaiah sticks with Sydney and that leaves Nadjha for Jeff. We won!

Chazz couples up with Kat and sends Sereniti home. We’re 100% voting him and Kat off next.

Episode Grade: D, The season is not good and the ending of this episode made the episode even worse.

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