Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 13 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 12

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts with Zeta wanting to know do Timmy want her back. She’s willing to go back to him if he’s willing to go back to her.

Isaiah and Sydney are the first couple to enter the hideaway. Funny that they’re also the youngest couple. The older people in the villa needs to get it together.

Zeta and Timmy finally sits down and have a talk and the chemistry is too good to ignore. Bria is a bit well a lot worried that the two are talking.

Timmy finally admits that he has strong feelings for Zeta and breaks it off with Bria. He wasted her time because you could always see he had a strong thing with Zeta. Timmy just got very scared about the outside world question.

We understand why Bria is sad because Timmy wasted her time but she knew. Jeff is a class act. He only wants the best for Zeta.

Loved the conversation between Timmy and Chazz. This is why the show shouldn’t have brother and sisters on the show though because imagine breaking the siblings heart and the other sibling comes up to you after? Drama. Drama is what the people like so I guess siblings are a good twist.

Sydney said “I don’t think anyone have a connection like we do in this villa.” Yeah she’s trying to win the show lol.

Zeta and Bria being friends this episode is so surprising. I love how mature Zeta is to go up to her after Timmy stated he wanted Zeta back.

We love how mature all of the conversations have been today. Even Bria and Timmy had a great farewell conversation.

Deb and Jesse date was nice. I liked how Jesse finally opened up more to Deb and explained why he wasn’t as affectionate.

Sereniti isn’t feeling Chazz as much as Chazz is feeling Sereniti. We did not see this coming.

We almost forgot Sarah Hyland was the host.

Time for a couple to be dumped. Let’s see if American voters are smart lol.

Bria & Timmy and Mady & Andy are in the bottom. One guy and one girl will be saved but then we were left on a cliff hanger of course.

Episode Grade: B, An episode that was needed to shape things up in the villa again.

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