CBS’s “The Equalizer” Star Queen Latifah Is Still Impacting Lives Today

Queen Latifah the equalizer

When it comes to Queen Latifah, she’s a force in the industry and not just because of her talents and hit movies + hot songs but because there’s meaning behind every movie, song or interview she takes part in!

Queen speaks out about the important things and starts foundations to help those who need help and that’s why makes her even more special.

One of Queen fans shared her story on how Queen Latifah impacted her life.

She shared:

“My first time encountering Black media legend Dana Owens, aka Queen Latifah, was on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” At some point in elementary school, I was watching reruns on BET, and Will was meeting yet another female guest star. I was surprised when I saw Dee Dee; she was nearly as tall as Will and had what my granny would call a “fuller figure.” It was the first time any woman on the show, let alone a love interest for Will, looked like me.

Plus, she was awesome. When Will made an inadvertent size reference, she bagged on his skinny frame and big ears. She won him over with her sense of humor, and was never afraid to call him on his sh**. This wasn’t the first time I wanted to emulate a TV character (I’d had a whole thing with Susie Carmichael from “Rugrats” and Francine Frensky from “Arthur” at that point). But it was the first time the character looked so much like me: not just Black, but tall and plus-size too.”

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