Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 10 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 10

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts with the entrance of the two new boys Brice & Jeff and Zeta is feeling Jeff!

Timmy is shook by Jeff because he can tell that Zeta is feeling Jeff and that Jeff is feeling Zeta.

We love the energy that Jeff came in the villa with. He came in like it’s his villa and that’s what this show needs. The boys are really boring this season so far and the girls are providing all of the real content.

The ping pong game started some drama and the episode is already starting off entertaining thanks to the new boys coming in. They are here to shake the villa up.

Timmy is regretting not continuing things with Zeta because he know Jeff is all in for Zeta.

Courtney is there for a good time, we don’t see her taking the relationships she’s in that serious.

Side Note: She sounds like Cat from Victorious.

We really want Zeta to not fall for Timmy again because it seems like he will continue to disrespect her. It’s still early days so she should get to know the new guys that’s coming into the villa.

Deb isn’t feeling Jesse anymore and we seen that one coming. There’s no spark between the two and we could say that it’s Jesse’s fault. He lacks personality and we’ve been saying it since episode one.

The Zeta/Timmy/Bria triangle is kind of sad because Zeta and Timmy really did have something but Zeta just doesn’t believe in it anymore because Timmy said Bria was his type.

Bria cannot kiss to save her life.

Jesse liking Sereniti now just seems performative.

Jeff wins the challenge and we know Timmy heart is beating fast. Even Bria has a crush on Jeff. Zeta did say he would get his Karma.

This show has a recoupling every episode, this is getting out of hand. The new boys were in the villa for 2 hours.

Jeff is all in for Zeta and we approve of them two being together.

And the recoupling picks are:

Isaiah X Sydney

Sereniti X Chazz

Deb X Jesse

The episode ends with a cliffhanger. Will Zeta pick Timmy or new boy Jeff?

Episode Grade: B-, Jeff was the star of this episode.

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