CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Ameerah Says She Wants To Know Who Were The Bullies

Ameerah big brother 24

Big Brother latest eviction was one of the biggest of the season so far and Ameerah is in shock that the house teamed up against her like that out of no where!

Ameerah had a lot to say about the bullying in the house and wanted Turner to speak about it a little more and not during the time her and Terrance were put on the block.

Ameerah’s interview with Cheatsheet came with a lot of great questions.

Cheatsheet asked “The big change was when Turner makes a speech, puts you on the block. You said afterward in your diary room that you were disappointed that he brought up the bullying. Can you expand on why you were disappointed!?”

Ameerah response:

So the bullying thing was definitely happening. I was aware of it. I think everyone in the house was aware of it. And what I thought was going to come out of that conversation was he was going to put the people on the block that he felt were like the bullies in the house. So I was shocked that me and Terrence were up there because obviously, you know, I had contributed to some of the things that were said in the house, but there was a lot of very big main contributors in that house. And I was shocked that they said me instead of these people.

And so I was expecting: A. For him to at least say who the bullies were instead of just putting, you know, these two random people on the block. But B: some type of like team or like houseguest meeting where we could discuss what was going on. I was looking for the bullying thing to be brought up and healed. And so just mentioning like ‘This is happening. But anyway, I’m putting Ameerah and Terrence up.’ I thought we were going to solve the root of the issue at that moment, or at least later on. And it never actually happened. I never knew why it wasn’t brought up, who was doing it, why it was happening, and how do we move on from this? So that’s why I was really confused at the speech and then putting me and Terrence on the block.”

You can read more of the interview here:

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