Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 9 Review

Love island usa season 4 episode 9

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode resumes with an Islander being eliminated when in our opinion no Islander should be going home right now.

Production sucks because why are they putting this decision in the hands of the islanders instead of letting the fans vote? Let the fans vote then let the islanders do their thing.

I’m glad the islanders are saving Zeta even though we don’t believe Tyler should be going home either. They’re both deserving of still being there. Zeta crying this episode is making us want to vote Timmy off the first chance we get.

Bria needs to be more respectful. Didn’t have a problem with her but she should show more grace during moments like this.

Now Sereniti is crying. The two best girls in the villa crying in one episode, we can’t take this. We’re glad Chazz was there for her.

Felipe is 32 with the mindset of a 20 year old.

We hope one of the new boys come into the villa just for Zeta.

We also love the friendship that Zeta and Sereniti have. This is what everyone wanted for Cashay and Trina from Season 3.

Talk about moving too quick Timmy.

Zeta said the tables will turn as she’s telling Timmy off! She also just shared what we wrote in a previous review, he’s more of a talker and doesn’t really show what he speaks.

Zeta is good at reading people because she is reading Bria correctly. Bria is trying to play the victim but we all seen how messy her and her brother Chazz came into the villa.

Jesse and Deb are boring.

The news guys Brice & Jeff arrive and Timmy is shook.

Also Courtney curses for no reason at all.

Episode Grade: C, Only because Zeta stayed.

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