CBS’s “NCIS: LA” Star Eric Olsen To Write Episode About Gun Violence For Season 14

Cbs NCIS la Eric Olsen

Looks like Eric Olsen will be writing some very important episodes this season of NCIS: LA and we’re here for it!

Eric took to Instagram stories to share:

The post was in response to The Atlantic post which stated:

“The gun industry “undeniably created a culture of extremism that encouraged a new type of ‘tactical’ mass shooter,” Ryan Busse writes. ⁠

The transformation of gun marketing received its first boost when President George W. Bush allowed the assault-weapons ban to sunset and then signed a bill that gave broad protection from liability to gunmakers. Combined, those moves reduced the social stigma and potential legal penalties for edgy marketing of military-style rifles. Over time, larger, more mainstream gunmakers began to experiment with marketing messages previously relegated to the disfavored fringe of the business. Young men were the target. They had disposable income, a long customer life, and a readily exploited fascination with guns, Busse explains. ⁠

A series of ads, which ran in several gun-industry publications, on websites, and in Maxim magazine, were controversial and gained national attention, Busse writes. More important, they showed the rest of the industry the power of an appeal based on masculinity to the 18–35 male demographic, at a time when images from America’s foreign wars were airing constantly on the evening news. “Through bitter experience, we know what today’s typical mass shooter looks like and where he’s taking his cultural cues from,” Busse continues at the link in our bio. “Now the industry is giving us a glimpse of its next customer: the American child soldier.”

We know NCIS: LA Season 13 is going to be an important one.

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