Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 8 Review

Zeta love island usa season 4

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode resumes with the siblings debut and they’re ready to shake the villa up.

Production paid $10 for the dates this year. You can really tell that the budget for Peacock’s Love Island is down the drain.

Sydney is missing Isaiah and crying for the 100th episode in a row.

The dates were boring.

Finally a Zeta and Timmy scene even though we’re watching the downfall. Timmy’s exaggeration of the outside world question is going to get him in trouble.

Timmy is very interested in Bria but he’s not telling Zeta how interested he is in her. The more the season goes, the more we see how immature Timmy really is relationship wise.

Chazz spills that Andy and Sydney kissed before the re-coupling. Drama!

Zeta finally calling Timmy out. This is the moment that we’ve been waiting for. S

Side Note; Hearing any Islander say “Liar” just reminds me of Davide from Love Island UK Season 8.

Isaiah calls Andy out and it’s embarrassing. The whole scene is try hard.

The girls reaction to that argument was hilarious.

Sydney and Isaiah are now back on good terms. That was a very quick test lol.

I love Zeta’s maturity to apologize because we don’t think an apology was needed.

We predict that Bria will couple with Timmy and Chazz will couple with Mady by the end of the episode.

Tyler is interested in Mady. We stated he was not interested in Sereniti. Sereniti is now crying because of it.

We’re happy Chazz gave Sereniti praise because she’s been mistreated in the villa. She’s beautiful with a great personality and keeps getting thrown to the back of the line and she doesn’t deserve it.

Timmy is one of those guys that speaks good things but isn’t the good thing.

We now predict Chazz might pick Sereniti. We still stick with the Bria and Timmy coupling. Chazz picking Sereniti would be the best move but also Chazz is into Mady so it’s just a big mess for Sereniti.

Hey casting directors, cast someone who 100% wants Sereniti.

Timmy clearly don’t want Zeta at all anymore and he’s not mature enough to say it. He’s pulling a Jesse and Val and leading her on and that will cause her to get dumped.

Bria picks Sereniti to couple with Chazz and we’re fine with this choice. Now Tyler and Mady can get together without any interruptions…..for now.

Chazz picks Timmy to couple up with Bria. We’re so annoyed with the way this show is set up this season.

Tyler and Zeta being vulnerable this episode shouldn’t mean that one of them should go home, we’ve been watching this show since UK Season 1 and this just seems very off and out of place.

Peacock production isn’t even letting the fans vote. Mady and Tyler have something going on so Tyler would be the clear winner and Zeta is likely getting eliminated.

It’s not Chazz and Bria’s fault. It’s production fault and the way the season is set up. Tyler and Zeta shouldn’t be at risk of being eliminated right now just vulnerable. The season is moving too fast. Production also possibly sending two women home first which is weird.

Episode Score: D, They’re losing the plot. We’re so close to not reviewing this season anymore.

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