CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Ameerah Blindsided By The House

Ameerah big brother 24

Ameerah attempt at playing Big Brother kind of fell short this week as Taylor was again saved and a new target was put into action!!

After walking through the house confident that Taylor would be going home, Ameerah and Terrance finds themselves on the block this week. Ameerah even told Taylor to let it all out in the interviews once she’s evicted because she was just that sure that Taylor would be going home.

The blindside comes right after the blindside eviction of Pooch. Ameerah was a main culprit in getting Pooch out.

Ameerah reaction was pure shock. She shared that she wanted Taylor to stay and that she thinks Indy started it all.

Terrance responded:

“This is your passion, you know this game, and I mean that. You are a beast and I love you for that, and you always had me since day one. Now it’s my turn to get you. Rock this.”

Little do they know that the plan is already set, Ameerah will say her goodbyes on Thursday.

Do you think this is Karma?

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