Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 6 Review

Love island usa season 4

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

The episode starts with Valerie going off on Jesse and speaking with Deb about how fake Jesse is.

Deb doesn’t care, she’s just happy he picked her. Deb later called Valerie drama when going to talk to Jesse after having a real conversation with her.

We think Deb has a fetish for Black men. That’s why she spoke about babies when they first coupled up. We’re voting Jesse and Deb off the first chance we get because that seems like the right thing to do at this moment.

Sereniti and Valerie are about to battle for newbie Tyler. I’m predicting that he will pick Valerie, his type is white blondes and Valerie is closer to that description.

Give us more Zeta and Timmy content.

Tyler picked Valerie for the first date and Sereniti is upset.

Tyler and Valerie has a lot of chemistry on their date.

New triangle alert! Sydney and Andy are thinking about getting to know each other but Sydney doesn’t want to hurt Isaiah and Andy is feeling the relationship with Mady is forced.

I believe we get a friendship vibe from Sereniti and Tyler.

Why are the episodes 30 minutes? It makes the season look even worse.

Isaiah and Mady are starting to catch onto Sydney and Andy.

Andy is moving mad, he kissed Sydney without telling Isaiah and Mady anything about his feelings towards Sydney.

Keep forgetting that Felipe is 32 years old lol.

Recoupling time!

Andy saving the show, a shocker. We wanted him to go home at first. Can’t believe he picked Sydney without speaking to Isaiah and Mady. That’s real Love Island action right there.

Tyler picked Sereniti and dumps Val which was shocking but we think this gives Sereniti a chance at finding someone else. We don’t think Tyler really likes her.

I really do feel bad for Valerie because it’s all Jesse’s fault that she’s gone.

Episode Grade: B-, this was the best episode of the season so far.

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