CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Stars Still Trying To Make Taylor The Villain

Cbs big brother 24

CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Star Taylor hasn’t caught a break since walking inside of the Big Brother house!

She’s been on the block for two weeks in the row with week causing her an enormous amount of stress due to the bullying and racism in the house towards her.

Her week 2 was a little more chill because the house agreed to get a strong male out (Pooch) before they launched their hate on Taylor again.

This week HOH is Turner who was Pooch’s best friend so it only makes sense for Turner to target Taylor. The rest of the house doesn’t like Taylor so it’s make it even easier for them to go with it and just put Taylor back up on the block and get her out of the house Week 3.

We personally feel like Taylor should’ve went home week one because being in the house with people who are constantly bullying you isn’t the best environment.

Here’s a few recent convos from the houseguest:

Here’s a new one from Indy that just makes us angry:

Do you think their plan will fail?


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