Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 3 Review

Love island usa season 4

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

And we’re back after that last cliffhanger.

Felipe is smiling you would think he would be the pick. I honestly would want Val to pick Felipe.

I wasn’t expecting Valerie to pick Jesse. I don’t see the two of them actually lasting but we’ll see. Valerie is already crying so she’s into this deep already.

My favorite couple in the villa is Zeta and Timmy. Their chemistry is undeniable. I kind of want them to win the show but maybe I’m speaking a little too soon.

What throws me off about this season is things are moving too fast and they’re moving so fast that it almost doesn’t seem genuine.

The Jesse/Deb/Valerie triangle is boring, I don’t think he even bring much to the table personality wise yet for them to be so stuck. It got to be the looks because his conversations is 90% “yeahs”.

So Valerie didn’t choose Isaiah because she thinks he’s immature. He is the youngest boy in the villa so I can see that.

Felipe and Sereniti is now in a friendship couple and honestly that’s for the best. I’m glad Sereniti accepted that and now she can move on and find a more real connection inside of the villa. Hopefully someone comes in for her.

Zeta is hilarious. She’s bringing the Love Island UK vibe to this villa. The show gets better every time the camera pans to her and Timmy.

If you’re reading this production, when the other cast members aren’t delivering, put the camera on Timmy and Zeta.

Courtney trying to secure her spot in the villa, she started the conversation with Felipe speaking about sexual attraction.

Andy and Mady are boring.

Here go Sydney crying again, turn the camera back to Zeta and Timmy.

Timmy has a thing for Mady and he will go from fan favorite to dumped so fast if he pursued that lol.

Jesse said Deb was the best kisser but the kiss looked awkward.

Next episode there’s a new boy and just by his voice, I know this was horrible casting.

Who’s the casting directors this season? I want them fired.

Episode Grade: C-, you can thank Timmy and Zeta for pushing the grade up. I’m sorry this season is so bad.

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