Peacock’s “Love Island USA” Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Love island usa season 4

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

2 new girls Valerie and Mady have arrived in the villa to shake things up and Jesse and Felipe wanted to be the first ones in on the action so the snuck away without letting the girls know.

Felipe is a flirt. I knew his head would be the first to turn. Jesse and Felipe both going on the dates was expected.

They didn’t have to walk in holding each other hands like they’re coupled up.

Andy says his type is blonde and blue eyes so we know exactly why he didn’t pick Sereniti when she was the only one to step up for him.

I love how Timmy is so into sticking with Zeta.

Sereniti is a little startled with the new girls liking Felipe.

Jesse prefers blondes too…….this is one interesting set of casting.

Sydney is feeling Isaiah way more than he’s feeling her. It’s so obvious.

Sereniti is very clingy and that will make the men run away from her. It’s very early days and when I say early, I mean one day. Felipe is also looking into the camera continuously lol.

How many times Jesse is going to say “yeah” when speaking to Deb? He’s not into her like that lol

I kind of keep forgetting that Andy is there.

It seems like Valerie is going to for sure couple up with Isaiah. Sydney might as well start looking for a new man.

Sereniti is still thinking she owns Felipe during this challenge but it’s only day 2 and we see the spark between Valerie and Felipe.

Deb is not here for the Jesse and Courtney kiss. It was also revealed that Jesse cheated in the past and he looks like a cheater so he’s not helping his case at all.

This cast is kind of boring so far. We need an Ekin-Su in the villa (Love Island UK).

Mady wants to take Timmy from Zeta and I’m not a fan of that. Boring Andy also wants Mady so hopefully that happens.

Isaiah was very rude to Sydney and honestly it seems like he’s rude to women in general. He wants the easy way out when he could just tell Sydney he’s interested in pursuing the new girls.

Mady picked to couple with Andy and now she doesn’t have to worry about me voting her off for breaking up Zeta and Timmy.

The episode ends with a Valerie cliffhanger. We believe she will take Felipe from Sereniti or Sydney from Isaiah.

Final Episode Score: D+, this cast is very dull together.

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