Love Island USA Season 4 Episode 1 Review

Peacock Love island usa season 4 Timmy

*Spoilers: We’re typing our thoughts as we’re watching*

Sarah Hyland as the new host could be fun because she’s younger so we’ll see how this goes. We do miss Arielle a lot though.

Not feeling the Peacock set up. Wish the show had a live set up so everyone could watch the show at the same time.

All of the girls have a great vibe. We love Zeta bringing the UK spice to the USA.

Andy is the first guy introduced to the villa and oop, don’t say that every episode.

Commercial break shocked us. So the show isn’t live on Peacock and there’s commercials? Not a good time.

Sereniti stepping up for Andy was expected because she gave him the look when he came out. Andy not picking Sereniti and picking Courtney just kind of hurt him because Courtney is not interested in him at all.

Zeta and Sydney stepped up for Timmy and he picked Zeta, an amazing couple up to be honest. I like the vibe of those two.

“Who is Timmy Swerve? If you’re asking me, mind your business” Ha.

Sydney should’ve picked different shoes to wear, she almost fell twice.

Isaiah and Sydney is the 3rd couple, these two actually makes sense.

Jesse is bringing the personality to the villa. We know he’s going to give fans the memes and quotable lines this season.

Jesse already started a line “TYC – TAKE YOUR CHICK.”

No one stepped up for Jesse but Deb. Jesse and Deb was a least expected match up but I’m here for the unexpected.

Felipe reminds me so much of Will from Season 3.

Felipe and Sereniti are coupled up last.

I’m not too sure about these couples. Let’s split these couples up fast.

Fans are loving Deb & Jesse. We’re team Zeta & Timmy right now.

Timmy is corny but it’s funny.

Deb is already ready to make mixed babies with Jesse lol.

Timmy and Zeta sharing the first kiss, they’re my favorite couple right now.

This season is for sure spicier because it’s on Peacock and not on CBS that’s for sure.

As a whole, the episode was like watching paint dry. I’m sure it’ll get better than this. Things always start off pretty awkward and creeps up. Let’s get some more people in the villa, last season there were more people on the first episode.

Woah but the ending was a twist the villa needed. Two new girls already. See you guys tomorrow!

Final Episode Score: C, the first episode is always kind of boring.

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