MTV’s “The Challenge” Star Wes Is Interested In Joining “The Challenge: USA” Season 2

The challenge usa wes

“The Challenge” Vet Wes is all for winning and he’s not picky with which show he wins on either..

After his All Stars win, he spoke with Entertainment Weekly on his relationship with MTV’s “The Challenge”!

EW asked: Could we ever see you return to the flagship franchise or are you just focused on All Stars and spin-offs at this point?

He shared:

I’ve been invited to every single thing The Challenge has ever done — every spin-off, every flagship, everything, and I probably always will. If you don’t see me on something, it’s a scheduling thing and it’s not any deeper than that. I have a day job that I love and it’s very fulfilling and it’s something that I can do until I’m 80 years old, whereas The Challengejust isn’t, so I have to take my version of a day job, my business, more seriously than I do The Challenge. Sometimes there’s just things that I can’t get out of in my real life due to scheduling. So the next thing I can do, whether that’s CBS [spin-off The Challenge: USA], whether that’s flagship, whether that’s All Stars, or whether it’s some other random brainchild concoction of TJ Lavin, if I’ve got time in my schedule, I’m going to do it. I’m not picking and choosing like, “It’d be better for my brand if I moved over to CBS, so let me just hold out, not go on ‘fill in the blank something’ in hopes that I can do that.” I don’t think like that. If there’s a shot, I take it”

Wes seems very open to joining The Challenge USA. The show wasn’t renewed for a Season 2 yet but the way fans are loving the show and the MTV vets, we could see the show getting a Season 2.

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