CBS’s “Big Brother” Host Julie Chen Moonves Ignores Racism In The Season 24 House & Blames Fans

Julie Chen moonves big brother 24

Big Brother 24 has officially kicked off and the host who returns every year isn’t looking good this year one bit..

Host Julie Chen was asked about the bullying and racism towards houseguest Taylor and instead of speaking on how disgusting it is and the fact that it continues to happen for seasons, she throws rocks at Twitter fans for speaking out about it.

She shared: “What I think has been a little bit surprising is how Twitter and the internet has exploded in really jumping on someone. Which I never like. I don’t think any of us are in any position to judge any other human being. What you have to remember is that yes, microaggressions are real and they happen every day. When you’re playing the Big Brother house, it’s a pressure cooker in there. And you might say or do things that you think is going to advance your position in the house. But you won’t always do it in a way that makes yourself look your best.

What I think Taylor has experienced in the house and what we’ve seen on the live feeds are separate from each other. A lot of it has been classic Big Brother trash talk behind someone’s back because you feel threatened by them. In many ways, Big Brother is like high school on steroids. And if you were to ask Taylor, you know, prior to becoming a replacement nominee, she simply was not aware of how much jealousy there was. 

So I would say, let’s all take a pause. Let’s try not to judge. Please leave the judging to the judge: Father God. And let’s exercise some compassion for one another. We don’t know what it’s like to go through that Big Brotherhouse. Have some mercy and some grace and some forgiveness. And if someone can come out of the house, sees what their actions were in the house, and learns something from it, and is humbled by the whole experience, then hallelujah! That’s a beautiful thing. So I think people need to just open up their hearts a little bit more, and show some kindness and some forgiveness. Give someone a chance to change, to see their actions, and learn and grow from it.”

Very disappointed in Julie and honestly if the show continues, we wouldn’t mind her being replaced.

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