CBS’s “Big Brother” 24 Production Uses Taylor As Punching Bag As She’s Bullied By The House

Taylor big brother 24

Big Brother casting and production team seems to have one plan this season and that plan doesn’t consist of stopping the bullying of cast members like Taylor.

Taylor who’s a fan favorite with the fans is currently being attacked in the house by mostly every house guest and no one is doing anything about it.

Fans think Brittany is the only one not participating in the attack of Taylor. The attack seems rooted in racism and jealously and it’s hard to watch considering there’s also other Black women and men in the house not helping her out.

Cast members like Monte, Terrance, Joseph, Michael and Ameerah are allegedly helping with the attack on her by Paloma, Alyssa, Pooch, Turner, Kyle, Daniel & Jasmine.

A fan calls out for help:

Taylor was recently crying in the bathroom after hearing Paloma and Alyssa talking about her. S

See what fans had to say:

CBS is clearly using Taylor as a punching bag this season. The cast members that are cast are not 100% at fault because the casting directors and production team plays a huge part in it as well and it’s time that more people call it out.

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