Netflix’s “The Circle” Season 4 First Impressions

The Circle is back with a new group of personalities!

We’re going to give you guys our first impression of each cast member based off episode one before we give a final review of the first batch of episodes.

Season 4 schedule:
Week 1 (Wednesday, May 4): Episodes 1-4
Week 2 (Wednesday, May 11): Episodes 5-8
Week 3 (Wednesday, May 18): Episodes 9-12
Week 4 (Wednesday, May 25): Finale Episode

1. Yu Ling Wu – The life of the party and the reason I was so intrigued in the first episode. Her commentary was funny and seems very down to earth.

2. Crissa Jackson – Great vibes right away. Already catching the catfish.

3. Alyssa Ljubicich – Hope to see more from her because episode 1 didn’t showcase her enough. Something seems off about her.

4. Frank Grimsley – We loved the body positivity message and energy. I could see him winning in the end.

5. Josh Brubaker (as Bru) – A self proclaimed nice guy and social media content creators that don’t know what he just got himself into.

6. John Franklin (as Carol) – I get the feeling that he’s not going to play his mother as well as he think he will in the end because I see him crushing on Alyssa.

7. Parker Abbott (as Paul) – Fun. I love the fact that she’s going into the circle as her father. Her commentary is hilarious but she’s doing a bad job at playing her dad and everyone is definitely on to her.

8. Jared – The SPICE GIRLS!!!!

Overall this is a very nice cast.

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