AMC’s “Better Call Saul” Tony Dalton Teases Final Season Ending

According to Variety,

Tony Dalton says you’re not ready for where “Better Call Saul” goes in its final season. As the first half of the 13-episode sixth season continues, Dalton warns viewers to brace themselves.

“No matter what they think is going to happen, people have no idea,” he tells Variety’s Awards Circuit Podcast. “I think that people are going to love it. This is the last season, so they pulled all the stops out. It’s all in, let’s burn the house down. Literally. They just really made sure that no stone is left unturned. There was some episodes that I read, that had me jumping up and down in the place that I got in Albuquerque. It’s super exciting to see that how it’s all going to pan out. One thing is reading it, the other thing is filming it.”!

We’re so not ready for the ending.

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